Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amazing Decor with Cowhide Rugs

Decorating with Cowhides for any decor style......

Here are some ideas of how Cowhides can blend with other decor style. They really add an elegant touch in some of these styles and in some it offers that unexpected element that was needed...

This room has charm and a softness about it.
Love the Grey and Cream together.

This Cowhide really stands out in the room. 
It adds that unexpected element, it's a great accent piece! 

Love this on the table top with the industrial lighting.

Loving all these.  Great versatility.

This hide is so amazing and soothing in this bathroom. 

Makes this room feel soft and relaxing.
  Pulls the Gold in the mirror and chair together.

So modern and chic!

This hide on this French chair gives the chair some personality!
 What a conversation piece.

This hide offers the unexpected with this Modern decor.

Did you notice the cowhide on the chair cushions?  Beautiful!

This room has such a romantic feel about it with the White hide.

Great addition of Black and White to the room.

This has somewhat of a masculine feel to this room for you bachelor's out there.

I hope these pictures will inspire you and give you ideas on how to use a Cowhide rug in your home.

 Hope you all have a very Blessed day!
Angie : )


  1. Yes they can transform the rooms quite well ... I think that it is always hard to find the right rug for bathrooms and perhaps that is why I like the cow hide in baths best! ((:

  2. It's a good idea to set the Cow Hide Rugs in bathroom or in the gallery...

  3. The size is usually big because it sometimes used to separate an area from the room. A patchwork rug itself shows creativity by combining different pieces of cowhide. Sheepskin Rugs

  4. The idea is so creative! This rug looks totally gorgeous! Images of home are so nice that as you have decorated your home in that way I want to decorate my home.

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